Profile Pictures are super important these days. You really need to look your best to get a foot in the door . . .

Funny Story, my first round at the Hartford Courant was in 2000. I was a younger gal straight out of Philly, wearing Brooks Brother suits and pearls. My ID Badge picture was  the epitome of “uptight Preppy”. Fast forward to when I came back to TRONC in 2017, I was based at The Courant and they put the picture from 2000 on my ID badge. WTF?

I walked around for one year with the old me around the new me’s neck. Folks constantly asked to look at my picture. I admit I was a little mortified, because CLEARLY there were some changes.

In the span of time between 2000 and 2017 I had:

  • Become a Mom

  • Held positions at three different newspaper groups

  • Battled Breast Cancer

  • Lived in two homes

  • Welcomed three dogs, two Guinea Pigs into my home

  • Traveled to China, Mexico, the Caribbean and experienced many other things/events that made my life Juicy!!!

A LOT had changed! In this time I had become softer, more vulnerable, more confident. Having the “old me” hanging around my neck for the past year made me very happy and reminded me of the life that I had lived, and what still remains in front of me.

This is why I’m A Happy Girl and very excited about my future.

Now let’s talk about profile pictures . . . . should they look like you or not? Really! As a “woman of a certain age” I think we all need to be OK with being real, age is a gift worth celebrating! Hey should I use the picture above on my Linkedin Profile?

Call me!


P.S. for those who don’t know me, the picture above is a goofy picture of me taken by my 11-year old daughter, you’ll find the real me below . . . .