A couple of weeks ago I posted a “Good New/Bad News” update on LinkedIn about my recent layoff. Since I knew I’d have some time on my hands, I offered anyone who was interested the opportunity to talk about their business, review creative or brainstorm ways to address business challenges. It’s a great way to keep my head in the game, meet new people and possibly find employment. Connie Miller, CFO of Standard International Print Group (SIPG)  took me up on my offer!

When I joined the Courant in 2017, they had been working with SIPG for a couple of years. Their eBooks are deployed as a retention tool to reward loyal customers. Every month subscribers are emailed two titles to download for free, mainly cook books, but also titles related to health and gardening. On average we would see close to 2,000 downloads per book.

You can find more about SIPG Titles and program here: http://newspapererewards.com/


Our conversation today was about Connie’s challenges, which are common among vendors who have created programs for the print side of the newspaper business – how do you change your business model to function in the digital world and who is your main contact now that there is a defining line between the print and digital sides of the business? Here’s what we discussed:

  • Retention programs need solid metrics to remain in the budget – Connie and her team are on it, and can create reports regarding unique downloads and repeat usage, a nice way to show engagement and overall value

  • SIPG has gotten into the video production business with a focus on cooking recipes that are featured in their books. All content can be private labeled and can be set up as a subscription based product – nice way to add value and generate revenue for both the print and digital side of the business

Check out SIPG’s cooking video here: http://newspapererewards.com/our-demo-video/

  •  Digital managers are looking for depth of content and revenue opportunities – content beyond the typical newsletters, eNewspapers/apps etc. eBooks and videos can provide that depth and SIPG provides customized and very turnkey digital subscription based or revenue share solutions

  • Don’t forget about print! SIPG can print any of their titles for distribution to customers, for use at Kiosk/events etc. You can also purchase their content for Premium Editions and special advertising sections

SIPG’s solutions appeal to both the print and digital sides of the newspaper industry, they also translate well for any business that is looking to engage and retain their subscription based digital/print audience. You can reach Connie at (239) 248-5550. Oh, and she is looking for great sales people too, so call her if you are interested!

Go Get It!


P.S. I don’t get paid to blog about these companies, I am blogging to learn and to share what I learn . . . .