I am spending the weekend in Philadelphia with my daughter. She is competing in the Pink Invitational which was founded  by Unite For Her, a non-profit that provides services for families facing breast cancer (a cause dear to my heart).

You can find out more about Unite For Her here:

Unite For Her

As a part of participating in the meet, gyms are encouraged to participate in the “Above & Beyond” challenge and raise money for Unite For Her. Our gym has been the #1 fundraiser for the past few years, each year raising more money for the non-profit. By winning we are also able to bring money home to Connecticut to serve our local community. To date we have donated close to $20,000 to the cancer center at St. Francis. WHOO  HOOOO!

The perk of being the #1 fundraising gym? Our girls got to meet and have individual and team photos with Olympian Laurie Hernandez (pictured above). An incredible experience for these young girls, she is a great role model and it’s a great organization! Jade competes Sunday, good vibes to her and her team mates!!

Go Get It!

P.S. I designed the t-shirts the girls are wearing. NICE!!!!!!!