In my quest to find employment I am interviewing people that I have worked with/admire to pick their brains, see if I can be of service and learn about potential opportunities. This is my first interview and it was fun!

If you have worked for a Newspaper in the Circulation Sales area, I’m sure you either know or have heard of Barry. He is the guy who stared the Press Pass business that was the Premier subscriber rewards program in the late ‘90’s and early 00’s. Barry and his team negotiated great deals with all sorts of local eateries and service providers and wrapped them up in a pretty little package for newspapers. It was a plug and play program that brought incredible value to newspaper subscribers and the membership was tied to renewals. Smart.

Over time, Barry morphed his offerings to larger and more custom programs with national partners and kicked off the Daily Deals program. This program was a fantastic way to get print subscribers on-line. When I worked for the Advance newspaper group, we launched this program and were able to double our email addresses in only a few short weeks. Putting us in the great position to get into email marketing on the Circulation and Advertising sides of the business.

Barry now works for SaveAround® a marketing firm that builds/maintains a nationwide network of local, regional, and national brands that offer discounts to consumers. SaveAround® has solutions for fundraising, corporate use and B2C. You can find more about their solutions here:

Barry and I met at Panera’s and had a lovely 3-hour meeting (we both like to talk). Here’s what I learned:

  • SaveAround® has an AWESOME content marketing platform and App, check it out here:

  • Barry offers print and online solutions that can carry your brand or can be purchased off the shelf. They can also be customized to a specific geography

  • The Coupon books are GREAT and can be purchased in bulk and easily mailed to your customers (featured in video above)

  • The Coupon books are also great giveaways at events, for Kiosk personnel, for Realtors to thank new homeowners etc.

  • Although the App is available to anyone for purchase, it can be private labeled for your brand and you can set up a revenue share (monthly membership with auto renew means very high renewal rates) – very nice way to get customers on-line and generate some revenue

  • These solutions are all very affordable

Barry set me up with a free trial for the App which I am setting up today, and if you are interested in the same, reach out to Barry at 860-478-0585.

It was great to get out of the house and to talk about business, it keeps my head in the game and I learn a lot. So, for all of you job seekers out there, I recommend reaching out to friends and associates and make plans to meet them out side of your home – it will force you out of your jammies and might just land you your next gig.

Go Get It!


P.S. I’ll get better at taking Selfies, I totally cut off our heads in the picture above LOL