When most people think about “creativity” or living a “creative life” it’s automatically assumed that the inclination or lifestyle is limited to artists. It is not! Living a creative life is a way of being and a style of living. Living a creative life means you are open to new possibilities, discoveries, and self-expression. When you live a creative life, doors of opportunity open and unicorns can become your best friends! Life becomes magical!

I always knew I wanted to be an artist, so living a creative life has been a priority for me. Books, play lists, drawing, concerts, museums, magazines, going to IKEA – all serve as inspiration for my creative lifestyle. What about you? When you’re in a funk, can music get you going again? When you want to feel all the feels, does watching a Hallmark Movie do it for you? What about surrounding yourself with things you love, wearing that vintage outfit or hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range? Not to mention food – that’s a whole other topic for thinking creatively!

All these things contribute to living creatively. And if that’s not enough, did you know there are many benefits associated with living creatively – improved thinking and focus, exposure to new things, it can calm and redirect your thoughts – but most importantly, you live your life authentically and because of that we all benefit.

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Energize Your Creativity

Till next time . . . Aileen