I was laid off last Thursday. I can’t say I was surprised. Our company didn’t make its revenue goal, and I thought since things were already super tight, some Executive heads would roll . . . . . .

Ironically I had just celebrated my one year anniversary, I thought I’d have about 3 years, but I was wrong. I’m going to really miss the people, I worked with a bunch of really smart and fun people all over the country,

I was really excited about my job because I was coming in as a Circulation Director for two newspapers in a “shared services” capacity. I thought that was a really cool concept – taking your skills/experiences and applying them across multiple newspapers and other shared services teams. I reported to a VP of Circ. and had a dotted line to two Publishers. LOVED IT! And I got to travel which was fun.

So now I’m in job-hunt mode.  This time will be different. The first time I was laid off was the end of 2014, it absolutely freaked me out – I had never been laid off before, in fact I was always recognized as the one to hang on to – my ego was crushed and I was completely lost. Fast forward to 2018, I have experience at this “Lay-off” thing and I’m taking it on with a completely different attitude – I’m going to have fun.

One thing I’ve learned, is that the way to find a job is through who you know, and not by submitting your resume on-line to be processed by resume robots (although unemployment will make me do it – LOL). So a part of my plans are to set up interviews with people I know, and ask them who I need to know, and then I will get to know them. DO YOU WANT TO MEET ME FOR AN INTERVIEW/LUNCH/COFFEE/DINNER? Let me know and let’s have some fun!!!!

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