I think it’s really important to feed your creative side especially when you are looking for a job. A spike in creativity will help you think outside the box and might inspire you to do something you might never have thought of doing! 

This weekend my husband and I went to see the Gorey’s World exhibit at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, we are both big fans of his work. If you are not familiar with him, he was the artist behind Masterpiece Theater’s “Mystery” series. Click on the pic above for a refresher!

The exhibit was AWESOME. Apparently Gorey had big ties with the folks at the Wadsworth and left them some of his “stuff” when he passed away. The exhibit space alone was really cool, featuring artifacts from his collections, notes about his creative process and some of his belongings. One of his drawings was blown up so big that you could walk into and become a part of it (see below), very cool way to experience art. I got goose bumps!!!

Another really cool thing, that was new to me, but could have been around for years was – tap.wadsworth.org. If you had a smartphone and went to the link you had access to additional commentary about Gorey’s work and the impact it had on folks such as the director at Theater Works, here in Hartford. Super cool.


The BEST part about our visit was seeing the development that is happening in Hartford! The area close to the Wadsworth has been developed due to UCONN’s expansion to downtown. There is a huge Starbucks attached the the Barnes & Noble/UCONN store AND there’s a pedestrian area that has a number of great restaurants and bars. Oh and parking was SUPER easy. We went in the afternoon on Sunday, it was cold and rainy and it was nice to see the area hopping with people looking for adventure!

My husband and I grabbed a quick drink and some apps (batter fried ribs – YUUUUM) at Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ and talked about the exhibit, a new and fun conversation for us, LOL. A good time was had by all.

So what did the job seeker in me get out of this experience? It was so nice to slow down and appreciate art, a rainy and cold Sunday afternoon and great conversation with my husband. I didn’t have the dreaded Sunday night “tomorrow is Monday” blues. I liked that. A lot. My next gig is going to be something that makes me love Sunday because I get to go to work on Monday. AMEN!

Go Get It!