I hate this. I graduated a really long time ago. Is it OK to have your resume be 3 pages? 

I am completely avoiding updating my resume. I set up this blog and have already written two blog posts as a diversion to actually updating my freakin resume. This is torture. I have over 30-years of sales, marketing, design “etc.” experience at some of the largest companies in this country and the resume is what’s taking me down. How do you put all of your experience on two pages, and how many resumes do you have to have?

I know the answer, and that’s another reason why I am avoiding the dreaded resume. I need to kraft my resume to the job I am applying for. That’s going to be A LOT of resume writing 🙁

SOOOO I’m starting a new trend, I’m going to write my resume in Emoji Style. Do you think that’s OK? Click here to download your very own Emoji Resume!

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